Babett Hartmann is originally from Zeitz/ Germany, but lives now in Copenhagen/ Denmark. She is a freelance musician, who enjoys a varied career as an organist, harpsichordist and director. She performed as a recitalist in e.g. Norway, Sweden, Spain, England, Northern Ireland, Japan, Denmark and Germany.

As a church music student, she studied at the music conservatory in Leipzig with Thomas-organist Ullrich Böhme and in Copenhagen with Hans Fagius, with whom she was also studying in the organ soloist class and taking the harpsichord/ early music candidate later as a post graduate study with Ketil Haugsand at the same academy.

She is involved in several music projects, as e.g. different early music ensembles (Ensemble Barocca, Ensemble Rost) and an experimental  harpsichord-percussion-duo. She is involved in the Odense Barok Festival in Denmark as co-organiser and musical director and is the musical director of the organ-summer-concerts-series in the cathedral of Zeitz in Germany.

Babett is at the moment working as the 2nd organist at the Grundtvigs church in Copenhagen, where she also performs in the organ series as well as directs choir and orchestra performances.